Prof. Dr. Martin Vechev

Brief Bio

I am originally from Sofia, Bulgaria where I was born and grew up. There I studied at the Sofia High School of Mathematics (SMG) .

Currently, I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich where I lead the Software Reliability Lab.
From 2012-2017, I was a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the same place.
Prior to ETH, I was a Research Staff Member at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York (2007 - 2011).
I obtained my PhD from the University of Cambridge, England (2003-2008).
I obtained my B.Sc. from Simon Fraser University (SFU) , Canada (1996-2001).

I am interested in program analysis, program synthesis, application of machine learning to programming languages, and concurrency. I have given a number of invited and keynote talks on these topics at various conferences and workshops including: WoDet'11, HVC'14, PLACES'15, TCE'15, ML4PL'15, ISSTA'16, SOAP'16, SAS'16 and NAMPI'16 (co-located with NIPS'16).

I am the Program Chair for PLDI'17. I have also have served on the program (PC) and external review committees (ERC) for: POPL'17 (ERC), PLDI'16 (PC), POPL'16 (ERC), ISMM'15 (ERC), PPoPP'15 (ERC), PLDI'15 (ERC), FMCAD'14 (PC), WODET'14 (PC), PLDI'14 (ERC), ASPLOS'14 (PC), ESOP'14 (PC), TRUST'14 (PC), ESEC/FSE 13 NIT (PC), SYNT'13 (PC), TRUST'13 (PC), OOPSLA'13 (ERC), RV'13 (PC), PLDI'13 (PC), POPL'13 (PC), RV'12 (PC), RACES'12 (SC), PLDI'12 SRC (SC), OOPSLA'12 (PC), SYNT'12 (PC), INFINITY'12 (PC), SYSTOR'12 (PC), WoDet'12(PC), ISMM'12 (GC), POPL'12 (ERC), PSY'12, PSY'11, PSY'10, PSY'09 (Co-organizer),APLAS'11 (PC), ISMM'10 (PC), ISMM'09 (PC).

You can contact me at:


  • Distinguished Paper Award, ACM OOPSLA'16
  • SIGPLAN Research Highlight and a CACM Research Highlight for our POPL'15 paper (2016)
  • ERC Starting Grant (2015)
  • Google Faculty Research Awards (2014, 2015)
  • Facebook Faculty Award, 2015
  • Outstanding Artifact Award, ACM OOPSLA 2013
  • IBM Research Division Award, 2011
  • Extraordinary Accomplishment Award, 2010
    (awarded by John Kelly, IBM Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research)
  • Best Paper Award, Runtime Verification, 2010
  • IBM Research Outstanding Project Award, 2010
  • John Atanasoff Award, awarded by the President of Bulgaria, 2009: Photo, National TV
  • Two IBM Invention and an Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards (2005, 2008)
  • SFU and Cambridge Scholarships (1996, 2003)